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A septic pump, also known as a sump pump or a dosing pump, moves wastewater from the dosing tank to the drain field. The dosing system consists of a dosing tank, float, float switch, and an alarm box. The float measures the water level in the dosing tank. Once the wastewater reaches a high level, the float will signal the pump to push the excess water into the drain field. If the pump fails and cannot pump the water into the drain field, the rising water level will signal the float switch to activate an alarm. The alarm warns that water levels are too high in the dosing tank and the pump needs replacing. Delaying your septic pump repair or replacement can cause a backup of wastewater in your house. 

Signs you may need a septic pump replacement?

  • Water backing up into the house
  • Toilets are gurgling when flushed
  • Toilet water rises before exiting the bowl
  • Standing water in the shower
  • The sump pump alarm light is flashing
If you notice any of the conditions above, try checking the power to the pump's receptacle. If the power is on and the problem continues, call Flamingo Well & Septic at (904) 940-4884.

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