A septic inspection is an assessment of a septic system's condition and operation. Since septic systems are underground, it's easy to overlook common septic issues such as a deteriorating septic tank, a root-bound drain field, or blockages in the plumbing. However, scheduling a septic system inspection can identify structural problems within the septic tank or drain field before they cause severe long-term damage. Gator Well & Septic is committed to providing septic system service at the highest possible standards. Whenever you need a septic system inspection at your existing property or one you intend to purchase, our professional team of licensed contractors can ensure you get a thorough and timely septic inspection that will meet your specific needs.


  • Slow draining water
  • Lush green patches of lawn
  • Sewage backing up into the house
  • Gurgling noises coming from your drains
  • Pooling of water on the surface of your lawn
  • Puddles of water over the Septic Tank or Drain Field
  • Foul odors coming from the toilet, drain, or septic tank
  • Before the sale of a property to identify the condition of a home's septic system


  • Locate the septic tank and drain field
  • Open and inspect the septic tank lid
  • Check the septic tank water level
  • The inspector will run water and flush the toilets in the house to check that the water is flowing correctly from the house to the septic tank and to ensure the water level within the tank does not rise when they introduce more water
  • Full Septic Tank pump-out and backflow examination. The backflow level tells the inspector if there is a problem with your drain field.
  • Examine the septic tank for various possible issue.
  • Inspect the septic tank's inlet, outlet, and partition wall
  • Visual inspection of the drain field to ensure no standing water is found
  • The drain field, dosing tank, septic sump pump, float, float switch, and alarm are checked for the overall operation and evaluated for performance
  • Advise of any issues found with the septic system

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