Your Private Wastewater System Could Last Up to 30 Years

For that to happen, you'll need to hire the septic system installation pros in Jacksonville, St. Augustine & Middleburg, FL

A properly installed septic system can last up to thirty years and should require little maintenance outside regular septic tank pumping. However, everything from washing laundry to flushing the toilet can strain the septic system. So how can you tell if your septic system needs replacing? Here are the top seven signs you need to call Flamingo Well & Septic.

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Over time, washing laundry, flushing the toilet and similar activities can cause your septic system to wear out. You should arrange for septic system installation services if…

  • Age of the Septic System
  • Lush green patches of lawn
  • Sewage backing up into the house
  • Roots in the septic tank or drain fieldDrain field failure or Drain field blowout
  • Puddles of water over the Septic Tank or Drain Field
  • Foul odors coming from the toilet, drain, or septic tank
Proper installation is the key to septic system longevity. Whether you need your entire septic system replaced or just your septic, dosing tank, or drain field replaced, call the Flamingo Well & Septic team. We offer free estimates for all septic tank installations in the greater Jacksonville, St. Augustine & Middleburg, FL area.

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