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Jacksonville, St. Augustine & Middleburg, FL area residents should schedule septic tank cleaning services every 3-5 years

Septic Tank Pumping or Septic Tank Cleaning refers to the process of removing solids, sludge & waste from your septic tank. A septic tank needs pumping once every three to five years to ensure longevity in the overall septic system. Regular septic tank pump-outs safeguard your septic system from potential problems before they happen and can eliminate costly septic repairs.

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Signs it's time for a septic tank pump-out

  • Slow-draining sinks and bathtubs
  • Toilet gurgling when you flush
  • Sewage backing up into your household drains
  • Sewage bubbling up from the ground around the septic tank
  • It's been longer than three to five years since your last pump-out

Why call Flamingo Well & Septic for your septic tank pumping?

  • We offer competitive pricing and offer military discounts.
  • We are a fully licensed, bonded, and insured septic systems contractor.
  • Our courteous and experienced office staff will quickly schedule and manage your septic tank pumping needs.
  • Our septic technicians are trained and certified in proper septic tank pumping processes.
  • During every septic pumping, we inspect your system for visible signs of potential issues and provide a report of findings.

What to expect during your pump-out?

  • Our experienced septic technicians will arrive on time at your property with a large septic truck.
  • Your technicians will remove the cover of your septic tank and insert a large hose through the manhole.
  • The truck's vacuum equipment will begin sucking out the solids, sludge & waste from your septic tank through the septic hose.
  • The solids will be broken up at the bottom of the tank and pumped out with the liquid waste.
  • Your technician will watch for backflow from the tank outlet pipe throughout the pump-out. Significant backflow could indicate your drainfield is not accepting water and there is a backup in the system. If your technician sees backflow they will discuss possible solutions with you an next steps.
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